The SwiftPack Automatic Packaging Machine

The SwiftPack Automatic Packaging Machine

Does your business handle thousands of packages per day? Do you want to keep delivering confidently to your customers, while scaling the output and profitability of your operation?

We designed the SwiftPack for you.

This rapid bagging machine fits easily into your facility, allows one operator to quickly and safely process a high-volume of poly bag packages, and multiplies the speed of your operation.

The SwiftPack automatic bagging machine is:

  • Powerful: Processes up to 900 packages/hour
  • Versatile: Handles a range of dimensions and materials
  • Intuitive: Syncs with your computer’s operating system to make packaging easy
  • Precise: Automatically sizes, seals, and labels your packaging

The SwiftPack is one of the best options available today for increasing packaging efficiency — a single-person workstation that fits easily into your facility and multiplies the speed of your operation.

Plus, our free trials, leasing & financing options, and services packages make it easy and safe to get the SwiftPack for your business.

Understand the ROI of your SwiftPack

There are other options out there. But there are no automatic bagging machines quite like the SwiftPack.

The SwiftPack handles a range of packaging materials and sizes simultaneously, including fanfold in-a-box and roll-on bags, up to 22” wide. At up to 900 bags per hour, SwiftPack gives you the output of four operators,  reducing labor costs by 75% while cutting production time in half.

With next-in-line label printing, the SwiftPack scans, prints, and labels your packaging for you, without the need for queueing.

The SwiftPack’s side-exit conveyor belt makes it easy to integrate your bagging machine with existing systems. The conveyor can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate different bag heights, and it can be routed to a bin to increase the workspace for the operator.

All Impackt poly bagging machines come with input and output conveyors, to help you further enhance and optimize your packaging line. Our packaging machinery is also built with operator safety in mind. The SwiftPack’s two-touch button system and sturdy guard ensure you maintain safety in your packaging operation.

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Automatic Bagging Machines
Automatic Bagging Machines

An Automatic Bagging Machine Built for You

This packaging machine is made to transform your business.

We’ve designed the SwiftPack to bring top efficiency and quality to your shipping and retail business — so you can take better control of your operation today and grow your business tomorrow.

We build our machines in the USA, so they power our economy from the moment they’re assembled through their lifespan at your business.

At Impackt, our engineers are  innovators who continually work to enhance the packing, shipping, and retail industry. We are automatic packaging machine manufacturers and suppliers who are always honing our machines to make them more valuable to your business.

In the SwiftPack and V-Pack, we designed solutions that don’t exist anywhere else — staying ahead of our competition, so you stay ahead of yours.

Machine Specifications

Dimensions 34″x63″x56″ (Width x Depth x Height)
Weigh 441 lbs
Electrical 120V
Air 60 psi
Rate 15 bags/min* (label,seal)

Packaging Specifications

Bag Width Range 8″ – 22″
Bag LengthRange 10″ – 26″
Film Gauge Range 1 mil – 4 mil
Roll Diameter 10″, 14″ or Fan Fold