Packaging Machines and Products that keep you ahead of the pack

Keep your operation smooth, efficient, and profitable with high-performing packing machines and packaging products from Impackt Packaging.

Customer demand runs high in our industry. Through our machines and products, we’re focused on giving you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it — to stay ahead of demand, confidently serve your customers, and scale your business.

We don’t develop these solutions blindly. Our team surveys the market to identify the industry’s most pressing needs and greatest opportunities to evolve. As a result, our packaging machines and packaging products are some of the world’s best solutions for packaging, shipping, and retail operations.

We stay ahead of our competition, so you can stay ahead of yours.

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High-Grade Packaging Machines

Our machines put efficiency, precision, and power into your packing line. We’ve raised the bar above other packaging machines suppliers by building solutions you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

It’s easy to get one of these machines for your business, with leasing, financing, and free trial options available. Plus, we’ll take care of all maintenance with Impackt service packages. All of these benefits combine to give your business heightened efficiency, reduced costs, greater output, and a competitive edge.


The SwiftPack rapid bagging machine is our introductory machine, capable of packing and labeling up to 900 bags an hour. This unit handles a versatile range of materials and bag sizes, giving you the power of four workers on your packaging line.