Paper Shopping Bags


Shows various paper bags and a variety of handle options which includes: Kraft (twisted and flat), Ribbon (fabric), and Cord (paper and fabric options in cotton, herringbone and triple twisted)

Custom-Made Paper Shopping Bags: Tailored for Your Needs

Uniquely Yours, Exclusively Crafted

At Impackt, we specialize in creating custom paper shopping bags that align perfectly with your customers’ brand identity and values. Our made-to-order approach means each bag is crafted to meet your specific needs, ensuring a product that will both delight your customers and help you win new business.

Versatile Options to Match any request

A Range of Paper Types:

  • Virgin Natural Kraft: A natural, eco-friendly look.
  • Virgin White Kraft: Pristine and elegant.
  • Recycled Natural Kraft: Up to 100% total recycled content with a maximum of 60% PCW (Post Consumer Waste).
  • Recycled White Kraft: Up to 40% PCW, blending sustainability with style.


Handle Options for Every Preference

  • Kraft Paper (Twisted & Flat): Classic and sturdy.
  • Ribbon (Fabric): For a luxurious feel.
  • Cord (Paper & Fabric): A touch of elegance.


Varied Basis Weights: Choose from GSM options ranging from 40 to 300 and lbs. from 25 to 190, ensuring the perfect balance of strength and flexibility for your bags.

Customize with Colors and Prints: up to 8 color printing, transforming any bag into a powerful branding tool.

Versatile Solutions for Multiple Industries: versatile bags ideal for retail, food service, and grocery sectors.

Pricing Tailored to Your Needs: We offer pricing on a request-only basis. This ensures you get the most competitive and fair pricing for your specific order.

All bags are custom-sized and printed upon request

With our fast turnaround times, we can get your order shipped fast, shipped right – every time you order.

Our team at Impackt designs our paper shopping bags, as well as every product we offer, to meet the industry’s highest standards. Our shopping bags go through a process of triple quality-assurance ensuring all details are correct before they ship to you.

To complete your packaging and shipping needs, ask our team about sealing tapes, shrink wrap, and custom packaging options.

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