Custom Packaging

Custom packaging solutions as unique as your business

One size doesn’t always fit all – in fact, it usually does not. This is especially true when it comes to your business. If you have specific packaging requirements – we can fulfill them in-house. Our team of design and manufacturing experts creates custom packaging solutions as unique as your business. And we have been doing it for more than 40 years.

We offer custom poly mailers, sealing tapes, and shrink wraps.  Custom packaging products can be branded with your business name, logo, colors, or any other marketing elements you can think of. These custom solutions deliver unmatched brand recognition in a cluttered marketplace.

Impackt has always remained ahead of the curve by providing extremely fast turnaround times. The same holds true for our custom orders. As always, our team will expedite your custom packaging order with speed and precision. We don’t just do it fast – we do it right.

To stand out from the crowd with custom packaging, give us a call at 908-587-9200 or contact us here today.