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How Impackt Serves Diverse Industries

Shipping Done Right

Our Packaging Products Get It Right, Every Time

At Impackt Packaging Solutions, we’re not just focused on our own segment of the market. We’re always surveying the needs of our customers and their industries as the business world is constantly evolving.

We keenly stay up-to-date on the climates of the major industries we’re connected with. That’s why we’re able to make packing products and packaging machines that are among the best-quality in the world, offering solutions that help you keep up with demand, give your customers the best service, and scale your business.

Impackt for E-Commerce

The e-commerce industry has some of the fastest-paced businesses on the planet. Online shoppers expect their items to arrive quickly and in perfect condition. It takes an efficient packaging line to deliver that, and our SwiftPack machine can help you achieve that even when space is at a premium. Our SUREGUARD™ poly bubble mailers are also a durable, shock-absorbing option for online businesses that sell products of almost any kind.

Impackt for Distributors

Our clientele includes distributors working in every sector imaginable, all of whom have their own varied customer bases to think about all across the globe. And as a distributor, you know that dealing in volume is both your greatest asset and your biggest challenge. You don’t want any unknown factors, and you need total assurance that everything you ship out will get to your customers in as good a condition as you sent it in. Impackt has you covered with reliable, durable products like our GRÍPP™ carton sealing tape, with superior holding power, temperature resistance, and the ability to shrug off the stresses of shipping and keep a tight seal the whole way. And our SHRINKK™ film is puncture-resistant, engineered for use with a versatile array of systems, and FDA-compliant even for direct-contact food use.

Impackt for Retail

Distribution is key to the retail industry, and every retailer wants their customers to have an impeccable experience that will retain their loyalty and repeat business. So we’re focused on helping distributors mitigate common challenges for the retailers they serve – before those challenges arise. The dependability and quality construction of Impackt’s packaging products can help you prevent customer-side issues with shipping and delivery, rather than spending time and money to remediate them down the line. Our V-Pack machine is ideal for upgrading large-scale shipping operations with smart automation, and our catalog of poly mailers offer the right size and protection for any product.

Impackt for Promotions

Many of our products are ideal for promotional use – our ULTRAGUARD™ poly mailers, as well as other poly bags we offer, are available with a pure white opaque outer surface that’s ideal for printing of logos, brand messages, and other text. Plus, we can produce custom packaging for the unique needs of your business.

Impackt for Couriers

Courier services need to prioritize speed and safety, and sometimes must face delivering in harsh conditions. Impackt’s line of packaging tapes gives couriers confidence that their packages will stay strongly sealed, no matter the journey.

For any questions on how Impackt’s products can help no matter your industry, contact us today.