Shrink Wrap Manufacturer

Package protection for peace of mind

Protecting your product during shipping is an integral part of the packaging process.

As an industry leading shrink wrap manufacturer, Impackt understands the importance of protecting shipments, that’s why we manufacture SHRINKK™ shrink film. It’s puncture resistant and forms an airtight seal around packages. Shrink film offers protection from water, freezing temperatures, dust, dirt and other environmental factors.

Simply put, shipping takes a toll on packages. Whether you are shipping bulky pallets or delicate products, SHRINKK offers the peace of mind you need to ship your packages safely and securely.

As leading shrink wrap manufacturers, we are accustomed to working with businesses of varying needs. Our shrink wrap products are available in a range of different sizes and options and are easily operated by hand or with packaging machines.


Our wholesale SHRINKK™ film features a wide variety of polyolefin shrink wrapping products for the packaging industry and in a variety of sizes.

If you would like to learn more about the solutions we offer including wholesale packaging supplies and packaging machines for your fulfillment center, contact us below.