LOCKK™ Hot Melt Tape

LÓCKK™ Carton Sealing Tape

carton sealing tape

LÓCKK™ Hot Melt Tape

LÓCKK™ Hot Melt Tape is manufactured to ensure maximum flexibility, ease of use, strength, and adhesion capabilities. This carton sealing tape is an excellent solution for packaging and shipping professionals who need a more versatile and cost effective way to seal boxes. Its advantages are incremental, but over time they add up, saving you enormous amounts of time and money.

LÓCKK Hot Melt Tape provides:

  • A strong, durable hot melt adhesive that seals and protects.
  • Long lasting bonds that adhere to all box types.
  • High quality film and glue for transparency.
  • A great seal on moving, shipping, storage, packing and mailing boxes.

Our hot melt sealing tape is great for packages of all sizes and weights, from light, to medium, to heavy. It has high flexibility, easy unwind, strong hold, and quick stick ability.

LÓCKK is available in various colors, strengths, sizes, and application methods (hand or machine).

Our sealing tape satisfies both ends of the supply chain

LÓCKK Hot Melt Tape from Impackt is manufactured with the highest quality polymers.  From your packaging line straight to the hands of your customer, LOCKK hot melt tape holds strong throughout the shipping process, and then is easy for customers to unpeel when they receive their package. This wholesale sealing tape offers a great experience at both ends of the supply chain.

Our carton sealing tapes go through a process of triple quality-assurance—from manufacturing, to verifying the quality of our warehouse inventory, to ensuring all details are correct before they ship to you.

With our fast turnaround times and expansive stock of inventory, we can get your order shipped fast, shipped right – every time you order.

To complete your packaging and shipping needs, ask our team about our full line of poly mailers, shrink wrap, packaging machines, and custom packaging options.

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Product Specifications – ALWAYS IN STOCK!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Impackt offers custom products as unique as your business.  Contact us to tell us about your custom packaging product needs.

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ST2110CLH 2” 110 YD Clear 1.6 mil Hand 90
ST2110CMH 2” 110 YD Clear 1.8 mil Hand 90
ST3110CMH 3” 110 YD Clear 1.8 mil Hand 90
ST21000CMH 2” 1000 YD Clear 1.8 mil Machine 80
ST31000CMH 3” 1000 YD Clear 1.8 mil Machine 80