The V-Pack Automatic Packaging Machine

The V-Pack Automatic Packaging Machine

Built by engineers with more than 4 decades of experience as automatic packaging machine manufacturers. The V-Pack by Impackt is your turnkey solution to dominate the high demands of a high volume e-commerce market.

Now you can expedite up to 1,440 packages per hour, all precisely packaged, sealed, labeled and ready to ship. The process is simple, efficient,  and can reduce your operating expenses by up to 80%.

The V-Pack automated poly bagger offers you:

  • Industry-leading power: Packs and processes up to 1,440 ready-to-ship units per hour
  • Versatility: Designed to package items of a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Significant savings: The only manual task is placing products on the conveyor belt
  • Low maintenance: Service and maintenance packages are available
  • Flexible financing: Impackt offers lease and finance options

How the V-Pack automated poly bagger can transform your business

Designed with your business’s bottom line in mind, our automatic packaging machine manufacturers left no stone unturned in their quest to deliver a truly innovative and revolutionary solution to high volume markets.

You can’t just meet expectations – you have to exceed them. The V-Pack is designed to help you do just that.

Reduce Costs

V-Pack slashes labor and material costs with intuitive design and technology features. In just one hour, up to 1,440 packages of all different sizes can be bagged, sealed, scanned and ready to ship. No additional configurations required, no need to change bag rolls. The entire process begins with just one manual task – placing the item on the conveyor belt. From there, V-Pack will measure each product, using only the precise amount of material needed to create a secure, form fitting package with zero wasted space. Less waste also means you’ll be reducing your overall carbon footprint.

automatic packing machine
automatic packing machine
Automated Poly Bagger

Superior Flexibility

V-Pack is the flexibility you demand to run your business as efficiently as possible. Our automated poly bagger will intuitively scan your product’s size, cut material, label, seal and deliver you an expedited product ready to ship. V-Pack can also handle a variety of product types. Clothing, soft goods, boxed items, and more can be expedited together without sacrificing time needed to change bag size. Speaking of bags -while Impackt offers a full suite of custom packaging solutions, V-Pack works with all bag vendors – we don’t play favorites. We work for you.


Time is money, but so is space. V-Pack fits easily into your fulfillment center and multiplies the speed of your operation. Compared to other automated poly baggers, V-Pack is significantly smaller. You’ll save 52 inches in length and nearly 2 feet in width with our compact design.

Our engineers built a machine with features you won’t find anywhere else. Let us innovate so you can dominate. Now THAT’S how you make an Impackt.

Impackt Packaging Solutions offers over 40 years of expertise and excellence in wholesale packaging machines and wholesale packaging products. Learn more about the industries we serve and see a portfolio of our solutions. Talk to our team today by calling 908-587-9200.

Machine Specifications

Dimensions 59″x166″x86″ (Width x Depth x Height)
Weigh 1,825 lbs
Electrical 120V
Air 208V 3 phase
Rate 1,440 bags/hour*

Packaging Specifications

Product Width Range 2″ – 11″
Product Length Range 6″ – infinite
Product Height Range 2″ – 5.12″