GRÍPP™ Acrylic Tape

GRÍPP™ Carton Sealing Tape


GRÍPP™ Carton Sealing Tape

GRÍPP™ Carton Sealing Tape is our water-based acrylic sealing tape.  GRIPP by Impackt sets itself apart with its outstanding performance features. It is designed to seal in all temperatures, without losing quality, and hold extremely well to prevent flagging and tearing of your boxes. The tape’s acrylic exterior is made to stand the test of time, so it won’t become dry or weak due to aging, weathering, aging, or stresses during the shipping process.

Manufactured with shear-grade adhesives to ensure maximum adhesion, GRÍPP carton sealing tape offers the following features:

  • Dependable, all-temperature sealing performance for boxes and cartons.
  • Superior film and enhanced holding power to prevent flagging and tears.
  • Better resistance to weathering, aging and typical shipping stresses.
  • Available in clear or tan colors.
  • In stock and available to ship right away.

GRIPP sealing tape is available in various widths, lengths, colors, and gauges — for hand and machine applications.

Get sealing tape that performs under pressure

Our engineers design and manufacture all our packaging products with precision and purpose. GRIPP acrylic sealing tape can account for any issue that may arise in the packaging process and performs better than other packaging tapes.

Our carton sealing tapes go through a process of triple quality-assurance—from manufacturing, to verifying the quality of our warehouse inventory, to ensuring all details are correct before they ship to you.

With our fast turnaround times and expansive stock of inventory, we can get your order shipped fast, shipped right – every time you order.

To complete your packaging and shipping needs, ask our team about our full line of wholesale poly mailers, shrink wrap, packaging machines, and custom packaging options.

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Product Specifications – ALWAYS IN STOCK!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Impackt offers custom products as unique as your business.  Contact us to tell us about your custom packaging product needs.

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ST255CL 2” 55 YD Clear 1.7 mil Hand 120
PST255CM 2” 55 YD Clear 1.9 mil Hand 120
ST255TM 2” 55 YD Tan 1.9 mil Hand 120
ST2110CK 2″ 110 YD Clear 1.6 mil Hand 90
ST3110TL 2” 110 YD Clear 1.7 mil Hand 90
ST2110CL 2” 110 YD Clear 1.7 mil Hand 90
ST2110CM 2” 110 YD Clear 1.9 mil Hand 90
ST2110TM 2” 110 YD Tan 1.9 mil Hand 90
ST2110CB 2” 110 YD Clear 2.2 mil Hand 90
ST3110CK 3″ 110 YD Clear 1.6 mil Hand 90
ST3110CL 3” 110 YD Clear 1.7 mil Hand 90
ST3110CM 3” 110 YD Clear 1.9 mil Hand 90
ST21000CM 2″ 1000 YD Clear 1.9 mil Machine 80
ST31000CM 3” 1000 YD Clear 1.9 mil Machine 80