Packaging Machines

Packaging Machines

We supply Packaging Machines that keep you ahead of the pack

To stay one step ahead, you need to be smarter than the competition from every possible angle. Impackt is here to help. Our packaging machines add speed, precision, and power into your packing line, decreasing your operating costs and increasing the efficiency of your operation. Forget about staying one step ahead, with Impackt packaging machines, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition.

The SwiftPack gives you the productivity of four workers on your line while V-Pack accelerates the work load of up to 16 workers in half the time.  Both machines sync with your computer’s operating system, which not only increases productivity, but effectiveness as well.

When ‘good enough’ just isn’t good enough, turn to Impackt to elevate the standards of excellence.



The SwiftPack rapid bagging machine is our introductory machine, capable of packing and labeling up to 900 bags an hour. This unit handles a versatile range of materials and bag sizes, giving you the power of four workers on your packaging line.


This is our most advanced machine yet. It handles all types of poly bags, across a vast range of sizes. The V-Pack syncs with any computer to give you control and the same output as up to 16 workers, in half the time—up to 1,440 bags per hour.