About Impact Packaging Solutions

Innovation to Advance Your Packaging Business

Our story began in 2009 with a mission to design a level of unprecedented quality, reliability, and efficiency in the shipping, packaging, and retail industry.

We saw a better way to do things, to keep companies reliably supplied with the packaging solutions they need, without having to worry about delays, supply shortages, or deficiencies in quality that hinder productivity.

We started with our packaging products. Today, our customers know us for our excellent quality packaging and our ability to deliver it quickly — every time they order.

The Impackt story continues with the development of unparalleled automated packaging machines. Our engineers set out to build these machines because they saw an opportunity to better meet the needs of packaging lines — with more intuitive, user friendly, and smarter ways to get items packaged, labeled, and out the door with speed and precision.


We’re here to give you game-changing packaging solutions, with extensive quality assurance, customer service, cost efficiency, and options to try our solutions risk-free.

With our automated packaging machines, we’re solving packaging problems that were previously unsolved and giving shipping and retail business a new level of efficiency, convenience, cost-savings, and power.  Our high-quality packaging products are designed to be among the best quality available anywhere in the world.


We cover helpful topics and share our inside knowledge about packaging, shipping, and retail best practices.  It’s just one more way we fulfill our mission of supporting shipping and retail businesses, while helping our industry succeed by operating in a way that’s smooth, efficient, and beneficial for all.


We serve companies across the entire spectrum of packaging, shipping, and retail with innovation packaging solutions.

Our team has worked hard to develop packing machines and packaging products you can’t find anywhere else in the world — giving your business heightened efficiency, reduced costs, greater output, and a competitive edge.

Contact us here, use the form below, or call us at 908-587-9200 today to learn more about Impackt Packaging or to make our powerful solutions a part of your business operation.