SwiftPack vs Competitors

A Swift Comparison of Automatic Bagging Machines

Who packs the biggest punch with automatic bagging machines?

There are a variety of automatic bagging machines on the market today. How do you know which is right for your business?  The first question you may want to ask yourself is, ‘how many packages does my business need to pack per hour?’

SwiftPack processes up to 900 packages per hour with precision and efficiency.  If that number fits into your business model, you could save a lot of money with an Impackt automatic bagging machine.

Our ‘closest’ competitor on the market is the Sharp Max 2400, but even the Max is miles away from standing up to the SwiftPack.  Let us show you why.

Numbers don’t lie, our automatic bagging machine gives you a huge advantage over your competitors

While saving $15,000 on the purchase of an automatic bagging machine is nothing to scoff at, the ongoing savings overtime is the real eye opener.  SwiftPack multiplies the speed of your operation with advanced technology and laser sharp precision. Imagine the incremental savings. 300 more bags per hour in an 8 hour day equates to 2,400 more bags per day.  Multiple that by 40 hours in a work week and the advantage jumps up to 96,000 more bags per week.
With greater efficiency, reduced errors, and a highly effective packaging line, your business will be poised to handle the high volume demands of a high volume market.

Convenience you can count on

Impackt is your one stop shop for wholesale packaging and shipping supplies.  Our machines work with poly bags from any vendor, but we also offer our own line of competitively priced wholesale poly mailers. With stock and custom packaging options, we can help create greater efficiency within your business starting at your fulfillment center straight into the hands of your customers.

Our US warehouses are always stocked with an expansive inventory of wholesale packaging products. With our fast turnaround times and triple quality assurance process, we get your order shipped fast, shipped right – every time you order.

In the SwiftPack and the V-Pack, we’ve designed solutions that don’t exist anywhere else — staying ahead of our competition, so you can stay ahead of yours. We are currently offering free trials, leasing, and financing options. There is no better time to contact us for more information about our automatic bagging machines.