SUFFGUARD™ Warning Bags

SUFFGUARD Suffocation Warning Bags

SUFFGUARD™ Suffocation Warning Bags

Provide safety to your customers and assurance for your business with SUFFGUARD™ Resealable Suffocation Warning Bags. These suffocation warning bags are transparent polyethylene bags printed with warning messages on both sides. They are available in sizes from 4”x6” to 14”x20” and are ideal for a variety of products, including t-shirts, toys, and more.

Our suffocation warning bags are:

  • FDA compliant.
  • Ideal for commercial applications – meets Amazon’s packaging requirements.
  • Easy to close with a peel off strip and fold lip to seal – no heat sealer required.
  • Constructed with two 1/4” vent holes for air to escape.
  • Printed with a warning message that reads:
    • WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children. Do not use in cribs, carriages, or playpens. This bag is not a toy.
  • Available to ship right away.

Order suffocation warning bags today

Put suffocation warning bags to work for your business right away. Warning bags boost consumer safety while ensuring your business’s integrity in all of its products and practices.

Our suffocation warning bags go through a process of triple quality-assurance—from manufacturing, to verifying the quality of our warehouse inventory, to ensuring all details are correct before they ship to you.

With our fast turnaround times and expansive stock of inventory, we can get your order shipped fast, shipped right – every time you order.

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