How Does the SwiftPack Packaging Machine Increase ROI?

How Does the SwiftPack Packaging Machine Increase ROI?

We designed the SwiftPack line of automatic bagging machines with one thing first in mind: Efficiency. The SwiftPack is among the smallest and most compact automated machines for packaging on the market, and its small size belies an incredible rate of output. But, of course, our customers are expecting the SwiftPack’s power to give them one result above all. The fact is, the SwiftPack has incredible potential to give you a huge return on your investment and increase profitability overall.

The Statistics Behind SwiftPack’s Effectiveness

Compared to other polybagger machines in their class, SwiftPack machines simply do more with less. At its top speed under normal conditions, a SwiftPack unit can fully process 900 packages in just one hour – that’s the speed of approximately 4 human beings all working simultaneously at a steady rate.

In other words, the SwiftPack line of machines doesn’t just make your pack-and-ship operation faster – it also has the ability to make it more streamlined. Many business owners who run a large e-commerce operation express that a bloated or confusing shipping process is slowing them down and cutting into their potential returns, but they often don’t know about simple solutions like the SwiftPack. The SwiftPack is a great start if you’re encountering this issue – it’s an unobtrusive way to inject productiveness directly into a minimal amount of warehouse space.

The SwiftPack doesn’t just work alone, however. You can readily integrate Impackt’s automatic packaging machines with other automated processes, allowing you to increase speed and reduce the potential for human error in other ways. This versatility and interconnectivity presents opportunities for totally improved operations.

Best of all, the SwiftPack is incredibly easy to use. Its controls link directly to your existing computer system – an operator can easily and quickly gain a full understanding of the SwiftPack’s functions and utilize the machine to its fullest. Informed human decision-making and the speed and accuracy of the SwiftPack’s end-to-end – sizing, sealing, and labeling – packaging functionality make for a team that can conquer the most daunting levels of demand.

Impackt Makes It Easy to Get Started with an Automatic Packaging Machine

We believe so strongly in our packaging machines that we offer multiple helpful programs aimed at helping you get and keep one of our units in your warehouse. For example, we have leasing and financing options available, as well as maintenance packages to keep your SwiftPack running smoothly with total peace of mind for you. Contact us today and we’re ready to answer all of your questions and help you get started with the SwiftPack’s amazing efficiency.