Case Study: SwiftPack and Yamato Integration

Case Study: SwiftPack and Yamato Integration

Automatic Bagging MachinesImpackt Packaging Solutions recently worked with a client to integrate the capabilities of the Yamato TSD-N3 with the SwiftPack automatic bagging machine. The result was a powerful, versatile two-part system that can weigh, sort, bag, seal, and label packages all in one go.

The Challenge

The client was looking for a way to improve their produce packaging operations without having to invest in expensive custom machines or hire additional staff. They needed a way to process high volumes of variably-sized produce quickly, and integrate with their existing systems.

The Solution

Impackt Packaging Solutions recommended the versatile SwiftPack automatic bagging machine, which can process up to 900 packages per hour and handle a range of dimensions and materials. But we also recognized that the client needed the additional capability of weighing and sorting packages. We advised integrating the SwiftPack with their existing Yamato TSD-N3, which they recently acquired to automate their weighing and sorting.

The integration process was a success, and the result was a game-changer for the client. Produce was accurately weighed and sorted by the Yamato TSD-N3 and then sent down a conveyor belt to the SwiftPack to be automatically bagged, sealed, and labeled. This combined system was able to seamlessly handle the weighing, sorting, bagging, sealing and labeling of the produce, without sacrificing any of the SwiftPack’s efficiency. The SwiftPack’s side-exit conveyor belt completed the process.

The Result

The integrated machines allow the client to process a high volume of packages quickly and efficiently, reducing labor costs and dramatically cutting production. This system is also easy to use, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that syncs with the client’s computer operating system.

The versatility of the SwiftPack allowed it to be seamlessly integrated with the sorting and weighing capabilities of the Yamato TSD-N3, demonstrating to our client that they could improve the efficiency of their packaging operations without expensive custom machines or hiring more staff. They have been able to take better control of their operation, increase their output and profitability, and keep delivering confidently to their customers.


The SwiftPack automatic bagging machine is a powerful, versatile machine that can transform a business’s packaging efficiency. It can also link with existing machines such as the Yamato TSD-N3 to add extra functionalities to create a unified, effective whole. The ability to integrate with existing systems and handle a range of package dimensions and materials makes the SwiftPack a valuable investment for businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line. Impackt Packaging Solutions is committed to continually enhancing our packaging machines to stay ahead of our clients’ diverse needs. Contact us today to learn more about how the SwiftPack can empower your business to increase efficiency and profitability.