Introducing the SwiftPack from Impackt

Introducing the SwiftPack from Impackt

Impackt Packaging Solutions is committed to delivering the right solutions for businesses in any industry and helping you give your customers the best delivery experience every time. With that in mind, we’ve developed SwiftPack, a packaging machine designed to make automation easy and to instantly boost the speed and efficiency of your packing operations, and with unique features that make it suited for specialized applications.

Not every automatic poly bagger is the same. We’re always ready to consult with you to help you determine if the SwiftPack right for your company – contact us today or find out more below.

The SwiftPack Automatic Poly Bagger – Compact and Effective

At a mere 34” wide by 63” long, the SwiftPack is the small packing machine with big capabilities. It’s easy to use, with computer integration and controls configured as a single-person workstation – and it can handle up to 900 packages in an hour, potentially cutting your production times by half or more.

Next-in-line label printing makes worrying about queuing your packages a thing of the past, and the convenient side-exit conveyor belt means the SwiftPack fits right in with your existing in-warehouse systems. With robust safety features and the versatility to handle fanfold in-a-box, roll-on bags, and more, the SwiftPack makes automation easier and better than you could have ever imagined. Learn more about this innovative, compact automatic poly bagger.