What is the Difference Between the V-Pack and the SwiftPack?

What is the Difference Between the V-Pack and the SwiftPack?

At Impackt Packaging Solutions, we designed our two automatic packaging machines – the SwiftPack and the V-Pack – as versatile tools each specialized for particular types of businesses and ideally suited to making specific types of shipping processes the most efficient they can be. Both of these automatic polybaggers are our original designs, engineered in the USA, and both are fast, smart, and reliable – but in order to determine which one is best for your company, you will need to know all of the differences between their specifications and features.

The Features of the SwiftPack Automatic Packaging Machine: Compact yet Mighty

At dimensions of 34” wide x 63” deep x 56” high (69.4 cubic feet), the SwiftPack is the smaller and more unobtrusive of our automatic bagger models and, indeed, has some of the best economy of size among devices of this kind on the market. But don’t let that size fool you: The SwiftPack definitely punches above its 441-pound weight. This low-profile beast has a maximum rate of 15 bags per minute packed, sealed, and labeled – one every 4 seconds – and can handle a diverse range of packaging: Bags 8”-22” wide and 10”-26” long, 1 mil-4mil film, or 10”, 14”, or fanfold rolls.

The SwiftPack functions with a two-touch button system and keeps the operator safe with a built-in guard, and its side-exit conveyor belt has an adjustable height and easily accommodates bin routing, all with easy integration in mind. This machine runs on 120V electricity and 60psi air pressure.

The Features of the V-Pack Automatic Packaging Machine: Heavy-Duty Automatic Packing with Brains

Made with the largest, busiest packaging operations in mind, the V-Pack weighs in at 1,825 pounds and packs an incredible array of technology and power into its 59” wide x 166” deep x 86” high (487.4 cubic feet) frame. This multitasking monster of a machine is ideal for high-demand businesses with high daily shipping needs and short fulfillment deadlines to meet, with smart scanning that can measure each product placed on the belt and then create a secure, form-fitting package that reduces waste, ship weight, and the possibility of breakage. The versatility of the V-Pack is also astounding: it will readily handle any product between 2”-11” wide, 2”-5.12” high, and from 6” long upward.

The power of the V-Pack is such that it can fully pack up to 24 bags per minute – or 1,440 an hour – at peak efficiency. It offers full integration with your existing computer systems and requires 120V electricity and 208V Phase 3 air.

What Do the V-Pack and SwiftPack Machines Have in Common?

The most important commonality between our two models of automatic bagging machines is that they’re both backed by our effective support. If you’re considering either the SwiftPack or V-Pack, we offer free trial programs, flexible financing including leasing, service and maintenance, and much more. We not only want your packaging line to be as fast and profitable as possible – we also want you to have the peace of mind that your advanced packing machinery is in the good hands of the same people who designed it. Contact us today to learn more about how we help you protect your investment into one of our packaging machines.