QUICKK™ Poly Mailer

QUICKK™ Poly Mailers

Manufactured with a sturdy, multi-layer blend of lightweight resin materials, Poly Mailers feature a wide range of protective products for the packaging industry including standard poly, utility and self-seal mailers.

QUICKK stands out from the competition for several reasons. Our wholesale poly mailer shipping bags are:

  • Lightweight, to reduce shipping costs and save storage space.
  • Versatile, to be used in nearly any retail application.
  • Tear-resistant, puncture resistant, and waterproof, to withstand moisture, dirt, punctures, and external stresses.
  • Designed with a self-sealing adhesive strip, for most efficient packing.
  • Made with a clean white surface, ideal for customizing bags with logos, messaging, or complete custom designs in a vast range of colors and tones.

Poly mailers come in a variety of sizes and options including rolls and tubing for use with packaging machines. We also offer ENVIO recycled poly mailers.

We are the leading poly mailer manufacturers, confidently serving our customers for more than 40 years

At Impackt, we don’t just sell wholesale poly mailers, we are poly mailer manufacturers. We are confident that our mailers will not only meet your needs, but they will exceed your expectations.  They were specifically designed as solutions to the packaging and shipping challenges faced by our customers.

Our US warehouses are always stocked with an expansive inventory of wholesale poly mailer shipping bags. With our fast turnaround times and triple quality assurance process, we get your order shipped fast, shipped right – every time you order.

We have wholesale poly mailers in stock now and ready to ship to you. Call our team at 908-587-9200 to get a quote or fill out the form below to request more information.

Product Specifications – ALWAYS IN STOCK!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Impackt offers custom products as unique as your business.  Contact us to tell us about your custom packaging product needs.

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PB69C 6” x 9” + 2” White/Opaque 2.5 mil 1000 180
PB710C 7.5” x 10.5” + 2” White/Opaque 2.5 mil 1000 150
PB912CL 9” x 12” + 2” White/Opaque 2.5 mil 1000 180
PB1013C 10” x 13” + 2” White/Opaque 2.5 mil 1000 960
PB1215C 12” x 15.5” + 2” White/Opaque 2.5 mil 500 63
PB14175-2 14” x 17” + 2” White/Opaque 2.5 mil 500 40
PB1419C 14.5” x 19” + 2’’ White/Opaque 2.5 mil 500 45
PB1924C 19” x 24” + 2’’ White/Opaque 2.5 mil 200 23
PB24242 24” x 24” + 2” White/Opaque 2.5 mil 200 19
PB2632C 26” x 32” + 2” White/Opaque 2.5 mil 150 15