Packing List Envelopes

Proper care and review of documentation is an all-important factor in shipping. When packing lists, invoices, and other documents are easily accessible, visible, and protected from damage, you can send boxes, cartons, and pallets with confidence and mitigate the possibility of loss, misshipment, and improper sorting. To help the businesses we serve accomplish this, Impackt Packaging Solutions offers a cost-effective and high-quality line of packing list envelopes.

Packing List Envelope

Our packing list envelopes feature a durable clear front for easy visibility, eliminating the need to remove the documents in order to read them. They also are made with a strong adhesive backing that can stick to many different surfaces, ensuring secure attachment no matter the rigors of transportation. Furthermore, they can fit many different document sizes – so they’re perfect no matter the documentation needs of your industry and your business.

We’re committed to helping the companies that partner with us simplify their shipping and receiving processes, reduce lost revenue from errors in shipping, increase the satisfaction of their own customers, and ultimately enhance all aspects of their operations. Contact us today to inquire about how we can help you in shipping and receiving with our line of packing list envelopes.


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